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Crossed Expectations

Simone and Sabrina continue their quest - twisting daggers of affection. Simone’s vile act aids her objective while Sabrina attempts to rekindle with the man she once tormented.

Rodney faces illusions that can crumble his life and close the marketing firm. Lorenz dances with demons while battling suppositions of his profession.  Will they journey with redemption?

A Cyber Affair

Tiffany Wilkes, “SanFran Pearl,” spends hours on dating websites. She’s tired of guys who can’t charm the lid off of a garbage can and sick of God awful blind dates, and mindless encounters. Meeting men at work is a competition and a risk of breaking a dating policy that results in termination.




When Love Evolves 

"A celebrated sequel to Good Guys Finish Last answering what happened...."

Simone’s conniving husband’s mafia involvement threatens a company she loves. Rodney and Sabrina aids in rescuing the business, while Simone finds an opportunity to rekindle love Gail prevents.



A Choice to Yield

Mark, a black man, makes a white woman's heart sing.  Angela's  best friend Paula disapproves and encourages her to investigate alternatives within their race; a story of love or social acceptance.



Good Guys Finish Last

Sisters Simone and Sabrina, ride the roller coaster of romance in search of forever love while dealing with careers, illness, and death.